Our Story

Biome Perfecting Oil was the creation of Rebecca Spencer, an advanced skin specialist who has spent years as an educator and clinic owner addressing the
care and repair of even the most troublesome skins – including her own.

“Born of my own struggles with my skin, I developed an intense passion for skincare as a teenager and saw how the right product can change skin’s behaviour forever,” says Rebecca, “although options back then were limited and frustrating”. Her fascination with effective topical solutions continued to grow over the years, with many wonderful roles in the beauty industry giving the passionate aesthetician an insight into what works – and what doesn’t.

“As a skin expert with vast and varied experience, I learnt what is needed to create healthy skin, and had a good idea of what people were looking for when it came to skincare.”

Rebecca had always wanted to create a true “super-product” that gave people the skin of their dreams, so enrolled in a small business course and started obsessively researching skincare ingredients. “I already knew the kind of product I wanted to make, but this product needed to be perfect. In my role as a skin expert, I often get asked, ‘If there were one product I could use that would make a real difference to my skin, what would it be?’ This quickly became the whole premise of Biome Perfecting Oil.” The journey officially

Six years of research and refinement later, Rebecca says, “I now have a skincare product I am truly proud of. Biome Perfecting Oil allows people to wake up with their dream skin, eliminating the need for complicated routines. In addition, the luxurious, clean cosmeceutical formula quickly improves several
common skin concerns, making it the ultimate multi-tasker for so many skin ages and stages”.

Crafted to deliver real results and create positive changes in your skin quickly, and without irritation, toxic ingredients and fuss, Biome Perfecting Oil is a skincare dlover’s dream come to fruition.