Skin Concerns

Are you ready to reveal your happiest, healthiest skin ever?  Here’s how Biome Perfecting Oil can work for a myriad of skin concerns, tackling issues deep in the dermis and delivering glowing results.


Dry Skin

For people with dry skin, Biome Perfecting Oil is the perfect choice thanks to the fact that hydration factors are present in the formula alongside a highly effective retinoid. Eliminating a second step in your night time routine, Biome Perfecting Oil contains a blend of carefully chosen organic plant oils that work to hydrate and soften the skin
and reinforce the skin’s natural barrier – thus preventing moisture loss – while Granactive retinoid stimulates skin cell proliferation, helping to reduce collagen breakdown and restore skin’s elasticity and over time.

Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Granactive Retinoid and Retinyl Palmitate both stimulate collagen and elastin production,
diminishing fine lines and helping reduce wrinkle depth. Retinoids are
arguably the most effective skincare ingredient available when it comes to reducing the signs of premature ageing, while the organic plant oils in Biome Perfecting
Oil contain potent antioxidants that help prevent further environmental damage and breakdown of skin structure, thus preventing premature ageing of the skin.


Loss of Firmness (Saggy Skin)

With Granactive retinoid and Retinyl Palmitate in its formula, Biome Perfecting Oil boosts collagen production in your skin, thereby supporting a firmer skin structure. The antioxidant properties of the blend of carefully chosen organic plant oils also help to protect the skin from further environmental damage and breakdown, for healthier, happier skin.



The Granactive retinoid in Biome Perfecting Oil is able to increase the renewal of the skin at a deep, cellular level, which allows for the increased removal of old pigmented cells and supports the emergence of newer, less pigmented skin. The accelerated cell turnover stimulated by Granactive retinoid also aids in the dispersion and reduction of melanin, which leads to a more uniform skin tone. The antioxidant properties found in the blend of organic plant oils in Perfecting Oil also help to prevent future pigmentation.


Granactive retinoid and Retinyl Palmitate work to increase skin cell turnover and unclog pores, having a positive effect on congestion and smoothing the skin’s surface. These active ingredients also help to regulate oil production, leading to less congestion in the future due to an imbalance in sebum production. The increase in hydration seen in the skin when using Biome Perfecting Oil also helps to lessen congestion; ensuring the skin is more lubricated and clogging less likely to occur.


Acne (Breakouts)

Retinoids have been used to treat acne since the 1970s, but often in harsh levels and aggressive formulas. However the gentle, yet effective Granactive retinoid is
very beneficial when treating this frustrating skin concern, and it’s found in Biome Perfecting Oil. 

Granactive retinoid works by regulating oil production, unclogging pores and increasing
skin cell turnover, thereby reducing the clogging that causes breakouts to occur. The plant oils included in the formula, such as Jojoba oil, also
help to balance natural oil production.



Traditionally, those with sensitive skin have had to avoid using retinoids on their skin as they tended to be too active for their easily reactive skin. However, the
Granactive retinoid found in Biome Perfecting Oil is a new generation of retinoid with far less irritation potential than traditional retinoids. This means that those with sensitive skin are finally able to enjoy the skin-improving benefits of retinoids, minus the distress often associated with their use.

The organic plant oils in this powerful formula also work to hydrate and strengthen the skin while fortifying its protective barrier, while Calendula extract is included
in for its calming, anti-inflammatory properties.


Granactive retinoid is very beneficial for improving scarring as it’s known to be a powerful resurfacing ingredient. This powerhouse actively stimulates and increases skin cell turnover, meaning that damaged skin cells are more quickly cleared away, and healthy new skin cells can replace them faster. 

The pigmentation often associated with scarring can also be dispersed more effectively, as the combination of Granactive retinoid and plant oils found in Biome Perfecting Oil is proven to contribute to general skin function and resilience, for optimum skin health.


Enlarged Pores

A skin concern that can affect any age, enlarged pores can be difficult to tackle. Fortunately, by helping to keep pores free from congestion, the Granactive retinoid in Biome Perfecting Oil works to help them from becoming enlarged. 

Another way it goes to work helping to reduce pore size is by increasing skin cell proliferation, which leads to a smoother skin texture overall and a more refined pore appearance.